The Matt and Adam Show: The lighter side of tech and startups

The lighter side of Tech and Startups. We talk to people who live in the startup world, about startup sorts of things, in a light and fluffy sort of way. We're all about having interesting conversations about the startup world and laugh a little along the way...oh, and we play games.
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Nov 28, 2016

Here's a special Mini Episode for you with the great Mike Troiano.  Mike is the CMO at Actifio and a limited partner at G20 Ventures.  Rather than describe it here, give a listen.  Mike talks about a new charity effort that he came up with called - please check out the website. Adam, Matt, and a bunch of people in the local tech scene are already involved and you should be too. Stay tuned for the full conversation with Mike next week.

Thanks for listening.

Nov 14, 2016

For his birthday, this episode's guest, decided he wanted to spend some time with us (big mistake). Rob Go ( or @robgo on Twitter), a partner and co-founder at NextView Ventures joins us for a fun conversation about all sorts of stuff including the latest gift-giving trends, some great advice for east coast entrepreneurs, thoughts on the Boston tech scene, and more. We play the usual games including the Startup Name Game. Oddly, Rob was prepared with market size and other metrics. Rob and NextView have been great friends and supporters of the podcast so at the very least, you owe this episode a listen.  

This episode is actually sponsored by Grove ( We thank them for their support as well.