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The lighter side of Tech and Startups. We talk to people who live in the startup world, about startup sorts of things, in a light and fluffy sort of way. We're all about having interesting conversations about the startup world and laugh a little along the way...oh, and we play games.
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Oct 31, 2016

We have ourselves a neat conversation with Isabella Patton, Product Data Evangelist at Hopper.  Isabella has strong opinions about whether you should go to your high school reunion, how you know when enough is enough at a job, when something goes from spreadsheets to big data, various other topics (Pokemon Go), and the usual compliment of games. She would love for you to follow her on Instagram (isabellapatton) but doesn't particularly care if you follow her on Twitter (@ciaoisabella).

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Oct 24, 2016

Mini-Episode time!  We had Isabella Patton in studio.  She's a Product Data Evangelist for Hopper and pretty much knows everything about nerdy data which makes her theories on what is going on in Westworld, most likely, correct, maybe. At the time of the recording, only 3 episodes had aired so its possible, things have changed. That being said, if you haven't seen Westworld or don't want it spoiled, skip ahead the entire episode and stay tuned for when we release our entire conversation with Isabella next week.  

Oct 17, 2016

The world famous Jay Acunzo (@jayacunzo), the creator of the Unthinkable podcast (@UnthinkableFM), the VP of content at NextView Ventures (@NextViewVC), recent winner of the "Snapchat (Snap, Inc) Doodler of the Month", and early-stage supporter of the Matt and Adam Show joins us in studio for this episode.  We find out all sorts of interesting things from Jay, including, but not limited to, why he gets so incredibly defensive about where you're supposed to get pizza from in Connecticut.  If you're interested in learning the 5 best secrets about being a successful marketer, you should definitely give this episode a listen.

Oct 3, 2016

In this episode, we talk to Lindsey Christensen, the Director of Marketing at TetraScience about all sorts of things like how marketing happens at a startup, everything you need to know about sandwiches, the differences between Snapchat and Instagram Stories, and quite a bit more (including the usual games).  There's even a surprise appearance by a special guest.  Have a listen, would ya?